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DIY Chaeto + Algae box

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Just sharing a DIY external Chaeto + Algae Box to see if it benefits community...


1. Mini pump adjustable to 300 Litre / hr.

2. Tubing to Rain pipe.

3. Clear acrylic panel roughen surface with attached net.

4. Daiso box & lid L350xW200xH120

5. Guided water fall using transparency sheet with floater.

6. 5050 120 LED/m RGB light with wifi control unit. Enable time programming and color selection.






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Thanks for sharing, how often you need to harvest the cheato!

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There's nothing to see here. 

But do check out my articles! https://www.sgreefclub.com/home/

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This is a nice setup, can share more details on how you did the plumbing for your fuge? Am interested to know how you designed it to prevent overflowing in the event of power outage or pipe blockage?

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Guess a video speak clearer than words, below it is where it start showing from mini dc pump (capable pump 3m high) till return to tank...


1. If power stops pump will not push water upward and no siphon effect as above pipe wasn’t under water.

2. Only supply pipe may chocked and reduce water flow so no issue. Water return at much bigger opening.

Only issue would be leakage at the joint between box and transparency sheet where it must be well sealed and design for manipulated flow. My recommendation is not to go with the water fall. For me just wanted to challenge my vision.

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Thanks for sharing such a build, indeed the design is flood proof as there is not chance of back-siphon down into your DT if pump is stopped.

very innovative especially on the side where you have that water fall over the clear plastic sheet! Kudos to your DIY & inventive skills :score:

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1 minute ago, Alexttk said:

Hello... need some advise here. Recently there a few bugs appear in Chaeto box & in-tank sump. Seem after I introduce UV light. Is it something that I need to be aware of? Pic as below with one that is quite big.


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Those look like pineapple sponges, they are harmless filter feeders.

EvolutionZ's Floating Reef:

(Decommed) EvolutionZ's 4ft shallow Mixed Reef Build :

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