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Shifting to new tank

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Dear seniors need your advise. My current tank is 4ft x 2ft x 2.5 height, 1 year old with softies and LPS. Currently planning to get new RSR 525 and wondering how to transfer my live stocks.


I am planning to use my current sands, Bio media and half of existing rocks with new rock for scaping and more sand to fill the tank. Do I still need to cycle my tank before transfer live stocks ? What should I process the transfer. Pls advise. Thank you




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Use new sand and leave the old sand alone in the old tank. Dont stir up the existing sandbed it could release toxins, leach excess nutrients etc.

Using half new rock and half old rocks is good idea, but be sure to rinse the old rocks to rid of the detritus..the old media can be transferred too. Rinsing in a separate tank water will help ensure the excess detritus wont impact your new tank. There should be a short cycle so monitor the ammonia level.

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