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WTG corals with conditions...

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Hi Bros,

Have the following to give away. Collection at Clementi Ave 1, 120421.


  • Please bring your own plastic bag if needed. I will put inside the coral inside the take-away boxes but I don't have that many small plastic bags to come along. 
  • Prefer to give to experienced reefers who know what they are doing ~ I don't intend to send my corals off to their death haha. So hope you don't mind share your aquarium photo.
  • Priority given to those who can pm me their contact AND aquarium photo.

1) 3 pieces of candy corals - purple and green center. 7 heads although 2 of them are damaged due to RBTA. 

2) 1 red monti about 8cm or so, with a small broken piece too. 

3) 1 leather coral, tall over 10cm.

4) 1 elegance coral, recent days not opening so nicely ~ maybe because of strong wave. 






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Thanks, I received a good news today, so just wanna do something for good karma. I hope people don't take them for granted

You will have good karma !

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