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Selling Complete Aquarium System for S$200- AI Prime/Artica Chiller/Two Canister/livestock/RODI/Accessories

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Dear Reefer Bros, I injured by back recently (nothing life-threatening nor long term) and the doc has recommended no bending down. So it is with a heavy heart I am giving up the 5-year hobby and thanks to many bros here who gave me excellent advice over the years.

For SGD200:

1. Fluval US 5 Gallon EVO Tank (the freshwater version but converted to seawalter) 2. The AI Prime light 3. Artica Chiller 1/15 (i think) 3. Eheim Canister with half a tank of porous membrane 4. SICCE canister (used once as a backup) 4. Aquatic Life Twist-In 75 GPD, 4-Stage RO/DI Water Filtration Unit (used like 15 times) 4. Tunze wavemaker (a bit old but functioning) 5.. The livestock - 1 clown fish, 1 fire shrimp, 2 smaller shrimps, three small anemone. 6. Two IKEA large storage boxes with test kits, supplements, plus all the accessories collected over the years. 7. IKEA cabinet.

The only condition is I do not want to sell it piece by piece (and that means getting into the storeroom and risk my back). The pets have sentimental value and I really would like them to survive in the new owner's place. Everything to go at one time. I dont care if you buy and then re-sell the items as long as there is a nice place for the fish, corals and shrimps. I am looking for a responsible new owner who cares about livestock or someone who wanted to start a hobby but felt it was too expensive. So please dont text me if i can sell this item or you want that item specifically or ask me to open the box to take detailed pictures as that means bending down which is bad for my back. Hope you understand bro!

I know there are alternatives like auto water changer but I think my back recovery is more important. Will miss my tank and I hope it finds a great and kind owner! Thanks for listening! And we have to figure out how to transport these.









SICCE canister.jpeg


AI Prime.jpeg

Canister and chiller.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-12 at 11.20.01 AM.jpeg

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Dear Bro

Thanks for taking over the tank and bringing the trolley over. Helps a lot. I am sure my pets found the right home and thank you for helping so that I don't need to strain my back. You are the best!


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