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Zoas frag and Lumi green tip black torch for sale!

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Hi all,


I have some zoas frag to release as following

1 - Sakura Sunrise Zoas

Min 7 polyps frag - $10

Sakura Sunrise Zoas20201123_192824.jpg.34566249055a2cb0b0a57e4fa6c54538.jpg

2 - Bright Red People Eater Zoas 

Min 4 polyps frag - $5



3 - Pandora Zoas 

Min 4 polyps frag - $520201123_192033.jpg.efb7f4d484b0438b8b3240dc7e19b665.jpg


4 - Mini Bowtie / Bowtie Blaster Zoas

Min 3 polyps frag - $45



5 - Short Black Torch with Lumi Green Tip 

2 Heads - $70


Reference to mother colony beside.


Do note that all photo are taken without filter and only use pro mode on samsung note 10 plus 



Interested please pm. 

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