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Magfloat real or fake?

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I realised my magfloat doesn't have the word "patented" unlike the rest.


Did I got a fake?


I got it at lfs at $22 while other shop is selling at $28


This is the long version.



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• 60cm x 45cm x 50cm tank

• Chiller at 25 to 26 Celsius

• OASE Biomaster 250

• 75W lighting

• Jebao SOW-5M Wavemaker

• RODI water with 25% weekly water change

• no protein skimmer/ no calcium reactor


▪︎2 Ocellaris Clown

▪︎1 White Bellied Yellow Wrasse

▪︎1 Yellow Tang

▪︎2 Green-Blue Chromis

▪︎1 Orange Spotted Goby

▪︎1 Tailspot Blenny

▪︎1 Tiger Pistol Shrimp


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