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Looking for Donation of Spoilt, Damaged Unwanted Lights and equipments

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As I have overspend and overbuying and completely ran out of space on the current tank, I had to get a bigger tank incoming to house everything and I have to rebuy a skimmer a chiller and all my media to siphorax (currently very low quaility media and having prob with them not being able to store enough bacteria) and other misc stuff as there is a huge volume difference between my current tank and the incoming tank. 


Even clearing and still clearing a few gardens of my favourite corals apparently I still can't afford to buy any lights and my current lights (AI Vega + ORP Light?) are greatly underspecs for the incoming tank. I will still be using these lights but I am looking for more lights to complement them.


I am looking for any kind donation OR Token Payment of ANY type SPOILT or DAMAGED or UNWANTED led lighting to be used on a 4x4. And any spoilt or unwanted equipments that might be of use. I will try and repair them to get them to be of use for the incoming tank.


If anyone have any please kindly pm me and help a reefer along. Once again I highlight I am NOT looking or scamming for high value items donation. I am looking for things that should be in the bin but too wasted to be bin-ed and hopefully with my ridiculous DIY skill lol I can breathe life back into them. Thanks In Advance.

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