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New week, new frags. Once again, 5 frags for sale for this week. Frags are stable and have been fragged for more than 1 month. Pics mostly taken under whites (except RBTA). All frags are beginner friendly. Collection at CCK North 5.

Same deal. Here's how it works:

Step 1: PM me to reserve. Wait for me to cfm.

Step 2: Make donation to any charity drive listed on giving.sg. Price is as listed, but feel free to donate more. Send me receipt/screenshot after that (dated 30nov onwards).

Step 3: Collection. Sundays only please.

1. Bowtie-$15


2. Red hornet-$10


3. NOID. Purple monster lookalike, just more organised w concentric and radial lines. $15


4. Rainbow infusion-$10


5. Sunny Delight-$10 or free with purchase of all of the above.




As usual, mods pls remove if not appropriate. Thanks all

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