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Selling Tank with Sump (Whole Set) $1200 Negotiable


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Hi Guys,

I have been reefing for almost 8 years already.
It's been a great run, filled with much fun and joy.

Would like to thank every one at SG Reef Club for all their support and help throughout the years in making my hobby thrive.

Unfortunately after a recent crash and some life changes, I decided its time to take a break from this hobby.

  • Selling full set for $1500 $1200 (Negotiable)
  • Please arrange for movers
  • Whole set sale (As I still have livestock)
  • Gift with purchase - listed below

Call or whatsapp 82180363 
Collection at (S)122311



  • 4 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft 
  • Good pieces of live rock, suitable size for the tank to create various aquascapes
  • Livestock
    • 3 clowns (Small)
    • 1 Blue Tang (Large)
  • With Sump
  • Sump recently revamped by Vincent



  • Fits nicely under the tank
  • Ample space for media
  • Currently running Skimmer and 2 media reactors
  • Possible to run refugium 


Skimmer, Media reactor, 3 power heads


Chiller, Artica DBM-250

Freebies with purchase:

  • Maxspect razor led light 4ft I think, only the lights though, have to find replacement adaptor.
  • 3 stage RODI filter

Hopefully this set will spark joy in another reefers heart.

Call or whatsapp 82180363 
Collection at (S)122311

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