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Setting Up for my 2 FT marine tank with sump

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Good Day reefer, been in this hobby for few months. Initially on a 1.5 ft cube with cannister Fluval 207. Tank cycling was a failure cause i was too rush in setting up. Landscaping was crap and few weeks back got a cyanobacteria Boom that never goes away.

Now i got a real good deal from fellow reefers for a N30 2 FT cube with sump. Going to update my daily update here.

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23 minutes ago, matthewreefer said:

I never got my tank free of algae and bac until I had a dedicated sump (not HOB or in-built) with chaeto and gfo. 

yah, was reading some article about denitrifying bacteria living deep within the rock called anaerobic bacteria. They are very different with nitrifying bacteria. Often the latter bacteria thrive well hence we seldom have ammonia or nitrite issues. If we do, i think we really got to look into the Biomedia or are we having enough biomedia load.

Was doing quite abit of research on the mechanical media and these are the few popular product, BioHome, Seachem Matrix and Marinepure. Marinepure was out cause it will breakdown on long run and report says it will leak out some chemicals.  Not sure how true is it. 

But just my thoughts, i think biomedia are homes for the bacteria and we want this home not to collapse and not give out toxic in long run. They have to be porous so that both bacteria will grow. Nitrifying on the surface and denitrifying deep inside where oxygen is the least. 

Hence went with this 3 medias, 

BioBalls, Nitrifying Bacteria favorite but does not home Denitrifying bacteria and might need to clean.

Seachem Pond Matrix Known to house both bacteria and never breakdown (Got it cheap too)

Taiwan GAE Pretty similar to marinepure, but not sure if they will breakdown easily and release any toxics. Heard they harvest this technology from their waste water treatment with great success. But it's cheap worth a try. $10 for a Kg.

Do correct me or share any experience you all have 




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Got some works done over the few weeks.

1. The back of the cabinet have same water damage and got it fabricated at Ban Heng Long. Took off my old plywood,  pass to them and they will cut to dimension. Reasonable price. originally was 4 MM and upgrade to 9 MM.



2. Common issues with door, over time rust build up on both hinges and will stain on the white PVC. Got a PVC sticker and cover it, like new. Change to BLUM hinges and dip them in vaseline. Hope it will prevent the rusting. Note, also apply vaseline on the screws.


3. Scaping was the toughest. It was my first time scaping and i took days to build the base. How to stick them ?? I was struggling with AF STONE FIX and don't seem to get them fix it always cracked at the joint. Why, gravity, and i realized it was the skill, i screwed up. Now here what i do.   I first use normal household super glue and bond them. Subsequently i place some fine sands on the joint to fill up any spaces and i drip super glue on them again. Finally i will use AF STONE FIX to secure them. Don't get me wrong, stone fix is a very good product if you are stacking 2 flats rock together. But if you want to fix them like mine, get tons of glue. Do not binge on it. Please don't expect 2 huge rocks bigger than your palm and joint them with a 50cent coin circumference. 




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Good Day all Reefers,

I'm in my 23rd days of cycling using brightwell aquatics starter kit. Anyone ever uses this kit before ?

First Day, dose Ammonia to about 2ppm follow by Microbacter Start XLM.

Till now, my Ammonia is 0, Nitrites constant 1ppm for 2 weeks and nitrates about 20ppm. Is it normal ?

After my Ammonia drop to 0, been dosing daily to 0.5MM till now. The next day my ammonia will drop to 0 but my nitrites is always 1 ppm and nitrates 20ppm constant. Has my cycle comes to a stall ?

I know 23 days of cycling is nothing, but reviews claims it can quick cycle within 9 days. I know patience is everything but just want to check if anyone have the similar 




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