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I’ve tried these several times, they just disappear after awhile. Anyone had any success breeding pods?

pods should propagate by themselves and no need pay special attention

Reasons for pods disappearing
1. Species of pods; depends on the species, some require special conditions to thrive like need phytoplankton as food source or special habitats. Some species is self sufficient by feeding on detritus, leftover fish food, fish poop and algae on glass. this kind can survive in our reef tank no problem.

i personally purchase tisbe pods and they seems to do fine.

i dont have good luck with tigriopus califoricus. also known as tiggerpods. alot overseas reefer also did not have success if u check the overseas forum, they just disappear over time. mine gone in 1-2 days in the refugium without predation. not really sure the root cause, i suspect this species require phyto to thrive.

if u wan save money get from other reefer with establish cheato, will normally have pods (but it might come with other pests).

Another type is call amphipods, these are BIG pods, look like under water cockroach, these normally no need buy, will always be hitchhike in cheato or coral frags. U can google the pictures, these are reef safe and good cleanup crew. good food for fish also haha.

2. Got predator fish like mandarin goby decimate the pod population faster than it can reproduce.

just sharing my personal experience, hope got help u. happy reefing.

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I have yet to set up my tank  but really would like to keep a mandarin.  If I set up a refugium and put copepods into it with chaeto, how do I keep them inside the refugium or do I need to do that?

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