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Downsizing Sale. Custom 3ft tank for sale

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All equipments are in mint condition. Used for less than 2 years. PM me for pictures and to deal. Thanks!

Custom 3ft tank with sump $400
- Built in auto top off reservoir
- Measurment: 3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft
- Cabinet height: 90cm
- Free new set of hinges
- Free Sicce pump
- Free two little fishy reactor with pump
- Free skimmer

Hailea chiller $180
- Used in air conditioned room so seldom kick in

Jebao Doser with 4 channel slave - $100
- Brand new in box

- Somatic $25
- Marine resource $40

Alkatronic and dosetronic - Servicing done every 1 to 2 months
- Alkatronic $1000
- Dosetronic $900
- Take as a set at $1700

- Nemo light II NL2 - 24W $70
- Ai Hydra 26HD comes with free stand $380/set
- Ai Hydra 52HD comes with free stand $480/set
- Ai Hydra 64HD comes with free stand $600/set

Corals - PM for more details
- Premium and common zoas frags and colonies available
- Red and green mushroom
- LPS such as Lepstrea, leptoseris and chalice

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