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Fluval Evo 19L Pump

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Hello everyone, the fluval pump of my quarantine tank just died on me.


Does anyone know where i can buy the same pump (Uploaded photo).


Or does anyone know another pump that can fit into this fluval tank. (Uploaded photo of tank box).


Thank you very much for the help! 20201219_205853.jpeg20201217_160057.jpeg


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Did the pump died becos u leave it out of water or switch off for period of time? maybe its the impeller stuck, can try to do some maintenance to see if able to help. My china made skimmer pump also behave like this, just dismantle and assemble again fixed the problem.

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I only on the pump while submerged in water.
I filled the tank up before running it, it worked for around 3 minutes before it just suddenly stopped.
(It was not in used for approximately 4 months, but i tested it in a bucket before putting it into the tank.)

I tried prying open the pump, but can't seem to open it with out breaking the whole enclosure.

So i was hoping to buy a replacement first before prying it again.

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Check out ehiem compact smallest size or sicce, should be able to fit 
I went to a aquarium shop at Clementi called "Clementi Florist and Aquarium (C328)".

The shop keeper aunty was kind enough to help search for a pump of similar size and wattage.

In the end only Dymax smallest pump was similar enough to fit in. It is a super tight fit might require some tool to remove the pump now

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Good that it fit, but becareful of dymax. I used to use dymax pump to mix salt. The pump leak voltage and I get a shock, luckily the watts is not high. 
Oh no, i think i should change it asap then.

Thank you for the heads up!

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