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My NPS reef tank

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Hi fellow reefers. This is my nps tank. If I may be honest. I am posting this so that I may rack up sufficient posts to be qualified for participation in the buy/sell sub forum. So please feel free to post your comments or questions. Thanks. 


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- Dendrophyllia (several variants; pink, yellow, orange, white forms)

- several colonies of regular sun corals aka Tubastraea 

- black suns. Both branching and cluster forms.

- Balanophyllia 

- dendronephthya (two species. pink and red ones)

- Christmas tree coral aka Studeriotes

- gorgonians (red, purple, white, yellow forms)


- 3 Bang Khai cardinals, 1 puffer, 1 royal gramma, 1 yellow tang, 1 pink spotted goby


- 1 Long spine urchin, several hermit crabs, 1 red serpent starfish, 1 pistol shrimp 

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Do share your feeding regime. And close up pics if available. Very interesting tank/topic.




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Brightwell Marine snow + phytoplankton twice (sometimes thrice) everyday. 

Reef Roids + fauna Marin ultra S in the night by auto feeder.

Mysis + brine shrimp for target feeding the long polyps corals everyday. 

Seaweed + algae wafer every other day. 


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Cool! Looking forward to know more about your feeding routine!

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Marine snow and phytoplankton. Broadcast feed every morning.

rotifers x 2, mysis x 5, brine shrimp x 2, mixed with cyclops and/or ROE. Target feeding every evening. 

a snack of rotifer or cyclops in the afternoon. 

Used to feed reefroids. But I find reefroids tend to foul the water. So I stopped.

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