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SPS Collection


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Hey bro. My tank is a IOS tank. Around 30 gallon. It’s 2.5ft by 1.5ft by 1ft. If I’m not wrong ahahah. I am dosing Red Sea ABC and i do water change every week haha. Just a simple set up. Water change is very important as my tank is considered a nano tank haha

I agreed bro. Regular Water chge is critical for nano tanks. Do u feed redsea ab+?

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20 hours ago, Willy Guccivera Yap said:

Very nice coral but what fish do you keep!

For some reason I can’t seem to keep any fish alive :( tried keeping a few and all will die in a week. I am not sure why :( I’ve tested my waters. But it’s all right haha i still prefer corals over fish :p 

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12 minutes ago, SubzeroLT said:

Lovely SPS collection indeed. 

Fish issues? Would be keen to hear more if its convenient to share.

Thanks bro. The fishes i keep just can’t seem to stay alive :( My parameters are stable and I just can’t seem to find a reason why they keep dying :( might be infection in my tank... i am not very sure 

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2 hours ago, Tianhong1988 said:

Hi bro nice sps colouration u have there. How do u colour up ur sps so beautifully?? Mind sharing??

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Hey bro thanks :). I dose Red Sea ABCD every other day and I’m using tropicmarine salt. I also dose red seas ab+ everyday. My system is really simple. Just a protein skimmer, ATO and dosing pump to dose Red Sea A,B and C. I guess the light plays a big part too, I’m using R80 lights and they are so amazing for such a cheap light! REALLY REALLY UNDER RATED LIGHTS IMO. :) 

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