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Letting go a Neptunian cube M90 tank set, buyer to provide transport, viewing will be at 650286.

Pm if keen








Letting go at $700


Tank, cabinet, dosing containers, water top up tank, canister for rowaphos/carbon etc.


Refugium can be used and can even use for frag tank additional space


Rfs : decomming the tank

Condition 9/10

Used for over a year


Tank: 90cm by 55cm by 55cm


Height of cabinet 80cm ( easily accessible with just a stool.)


Can come and view before purchasing :)


Moving cost will be covered by the buyer






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So sad less one more refeer in community!

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• 60cm x 45cm x 50cm tank

• Chiller at 25 to 26 Celsius

• OASE Biomaster 250

• 75W lighting

• Jebao SOW-5M Wavemaker

• RODI water with 25% weekly water change

• no protein skimmer/ no calcium reactor


▪︎2 Ocellaris Clown

▪︎1 White Bellied Yellow Wrasse

▪︎1 Yellow Tang

▪︎2 Green-Blue Chromis

▪︎1 Orange Spotted Goby

▪︎1 Tailspot Blenny

▪︎1 Tiger Pistol Shrimp


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