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The All-new ReefLED 160S

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Dear Reefer,

Meet the 
Red Sea ReefLED™ 160S lights. They're Reef Safe, REEF-SPEC, extremely powerful, and enable exceptional growth and colors in even deeper and wider tanks.
Check them out:



The ReefLED 160S has all the advantages of the ReefLED series, including:

  • Light intensity and spectrum which is 100% utilized by the corals, making them 100% reef safe and 100% REEF-SPEC.
  • Vivid colors and an elegant gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium.
  • A built-in Wi-Fi that allows total control via ReefBeat smart aquarium app (which controls all Red Sea devices).


New features include:

  • Superior power: 160W of Reef-Safe LED light, including 140W of 23,000 Kelvin REEF-SPEC Blue, 20W of 9,000 Kelvin White, and a separate 3W channel for moonlight.
  • Superior coverage: Each unit creates a homogeneous light spread throughout an aquarium of 80cm / 32’’ in all three directions. Multiple units can be mounted 75 cm apart with a guaranteed visual uniformity of light across the entire aquarium.





  • REEF-SPEC PAR levels: Uniform PAR readings of 200-350 micromoles almost everywhere, when using three ReefLED 160S units on our Reefer 3XL 900, as seen below:




  • Patent-pending stadium-shaped lens: Smooths out the most intense part of the beam under the lens, and provides a more rectangular light spread with minimal spillage.
  • Glare reduction: Additional clip-on visor limits the direct line-of-sight to the light source, as well as an auto switch-off mechanism when tilting the unit.

The ReefLED 160S will be coming soon to your market.


For the full specs, visit our ReefLED product page.

To contact a Red Sea Dealer, please use our Shop Locator at:   https://www.redseafish.com/super-store-finder/

Happy Reefkeeping,
The Red Sea Team

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