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Zoas & Metallic GSP frag for sale!

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Clearing some frags as per following. 

1 - Red People Eater @ $5/frag

Min 3 polyps per frag 20210116_182037.jpg.c6a7fc9d64b8702252509bbf9d4eb230.jpg


2 - Rainbow Infusion @ $10/frag

Min 2 polyps per frag20210116_190100.jpg.d285f66442b3be6bfb04457601db7d94.jpg


3 - Sakura Sunrise @ $20/frag

Min 8 polyps20210116_182230.jpg.b47f917d3e829bc5cd7cb2f76ce5f971.jpg


4 - Sweet Tooth @ $20/frag

Min 5 polyps20210116_182342.jpg.970a520e5522f7aa7a5fbc8a08f9645f.jpg


5 - Metallic Green GSP @ $10/frag


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Mother colony of the metallic gsp. 


Do note that all photos are NOT taken with camera filter lens therefore color don't looks as vibrant. 

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Updated photos 

1 - Red People Eater Zoas20210128_074027.jpg.06c1831e73ab2506d16084bcf14faa9b.jpg


3 - Sakura Sunrise Zoas20210128_073915.jpg.ce8266264b1f7ccc9b18b454949884b2.jpg


4 - Sweet Tooth Zoas 20210128_073847.jpg.ae3479287d3fd422d50b88ceca081efa.jpg


5 - Metallic Green GSP20210128_074118.jpg.147cc21e50c7bcea08ee58cf45c3ae6c.jpg



Do note that all are stable frags but they were closed due to holding of frags up for photo taking. 

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