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Collection @ Bukit Panjang 

1. RBM encrust frag plug - $80


2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - $100


3. Dragon Fruit - $40


4. Very lumi green with yellow - $60


5. Green with dark red polyps - $60


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    • By christan1959
      Anyone has a frag of above to spare? Pse PM...
    • By drato11
      Clearing some small frags. Pack of 5 small frags for $100. Small size but good quality/coloration SPS.
      HP camera spoiled, so took these pics with an old manual camera. Actual frag colours much better than pics.
      1. Royal Blue Millie frag

      2. Aussie Blue Polyp Yellow Tenius frag (a LFS called it Blue polyp Shortcake or something)

      Pic of main colony

      3. Bought it as Cherry Blossom

      Mother colony is bright red

      4. Setosa frag (bought this frag from reefer, but it just encrust and don't grow outward. Not sure why)

      5. Dino monti frag

      Interested pm me. FCFS please.
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