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Heey peepsssss i have some enquires regarding keeping pulsing xenia. So basically i have a huge colony beside some cloves and zoas. But the xenias seem to be spreading all over the other rock which contains some of my zoas . Any way i can still keep that colony and prevent it from spreading onto my zoa rock? Likee should i swap the zoas out for something else that would retain it. Thankssnin advance!


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I guess you'll need to keep trimming it back or isolate it on it's own island. I just got a frag of Xenia last week and it has grown noticeably bigger in size already only within one week. This coral is so crazy.

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On 6/11/2021 at 10:32 PM, Cookiee said:

hi guys,

can I check how do i dettach a xenia safely on a rock? 

only way is to cut it off from the base.. xenia growth can be very invasive 

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