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Storeroom equipment clearance

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1) Bio-media 

Marine pure balls x 16

High quality Bio rods x 10 (1 is broken into 2)

20201230_221608 20201230_221615

Both going for $15.

2) Seachem nitrogen 250ml (90% left) - $5

3) Seachem Stress guard 500ml (75% left) $10


4) Dolphin PWD-500 return pump

- Missing the top screw in inlet portion, easily available at MadPetz or Y618.

- About 2yrs old, on and off only ran it about a week+ as i bought it for emergency use when my return pump spoilt, and it was kept as back up afterwards.



5) Tunze 9001

- Great condition, 1yr old. comes with all accessories shown in pic. Selling as i've upgraded skimmer, this skimmer works great on small tank and is quiet enough for me to sleep with no issue at night.




6) IM Mini Max Full size reactor

- Great for biopellets or GFO

- Great condition, 1 yr old +/-.

- Cable was cut and extended using extension connector but does not hamper operations

- Top cover of the reactor was broken and glued back but it is purely asthetics.


Link to the specs and price below:


20210125_200404 20210125_200408



Selling only at $40.


7) Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget ReefRack 50

- Pratically brand new, went into my tank and out it goes, couldn't find a good place to put it!



Selling at $15.


I'm also open to trade for corals of the same value. Collection will be at woodlands.

Whatsapp me at 910Six393Four


Thanks for viewing.

EvolutionZ's Floating Reef:

(Decommed) EvolutionZ's 4ft shallow Mixed Reef Build :

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