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[DISCUSSION] AUSTRALIA STRIPEYE (Microcanthus strigatus)

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Stripey's are used to control Aiptasia which are common and unwanted guests in our tanks.

These small anemones are capable of multiplying rapidly and competing for food and space aggressively and can also deliver a painful sting to our talk inhabitants.

The stripeys will eat the aiptasia alleviating the need for us to use other control measures.

How to Deal with Aiptasia - Shrimp and Snail Breeder

Image of Aiptasia


A reef tank youtube review 

Mr salt water tank review:


How about our Reefer, Anyone got their opinion on this fishes?

Thanks to @Iwarna for bringing these fishes and now we have alternative to solve Aptaisia issue.

Let us know your experience and opinion with this fishes!

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