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Does a Softies Tank really need a chiller


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Hi All,

My dream is to have a marine tank with marine critters and softies only.  Considering that Softies are thought to be more forgiving to parameters, do I really need to have a chiller for my tank?

Still planning so have to think of the equipment I need to cater for.

Thank you.

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You might want to share the placement of your tank. 

Also, In my experience I'm able to keep leather corals without chiller. 

But considering now I've chiller in my tank, leather do alot better with chiller and faster growth.

So yes, you might be able to do so depending where you place your tank and what is the room temperature.

Do note because you do not have chiller, equipment in your tank also produce heat thus might increase the temperature.



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It is possible if you take into consideration the equipment you will be using and placement of the tank and ideally keep the water temperature below 30.

For example, a DC pump run cooler than an AC pump, and led light is cooler than a T5 light ect.. maybe you want to list your equipment list here so that we can advise

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Agree with the points above about keeping temperature below 30degC.


My experience with non chilled tank :

  • Can keep some more tolerant zoanthids in such conditions. Some will melt. 
  • Can keep green star polyp (GSP)
  • Can keep forest fire cloves
  • Cannot keep Purple cespitularia

You can see some pictures in this post : https://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/142862-my-slice-of-nature-part-3/?do=findComment&comment=1298008



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Hi All, thanks for your replies.  I am actually at a very early stage of deciding on getting a salty tank after convincing the wife that I can do it with sustainable sources of livestock.  So I am still very much dreaming and have no equipment list to share but would basically be building a list of what I need as I discuss with fellow members on the forum. 

For now, I am leaning toward a red sea 200xl set up with the reefLED lights, wave makers as required.  Sumpwise I would have the skimmer, would love to put a refugium of sorts in there.  If I do decide to get a chiller I would probably go for one with the smaller footprint.

My planned location of the tank is about 1.5 m from the window in my living room, there isn't direct sunlight on that spot.  I do have a freshwater tank in the same living room, the water in the tank remains cool most of the time.  I don't really trust the cheapo thermometer that I bought earlier but it registers below 30 degrees all the time.

Coral wise, I am aiming for some easy to keep softies, some colorful zoas, Star Polyps, Xenias, maybe some cauliflowers(?), yuma and mushrooms. 

Appreciate any thoughts and opinions if any of my endevours could be foolhardy.

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Hi Muzi, thanks.  I was just wondering because I saw some tanks and there didnt seem to be any mention of chillers so thought I would try asking.  Those things are so big and bulky.  :(  I would want a small footprint one if I do get one because the wife is already complaining that the space in the living room is getting smaller.


Edit Oh yes the cauliflowers are actually Kenya Trees, I forgot the name but they looked like cauliflowers to me.

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One suggestion is to get a cooling fan with a thermostat controller which turns on the fan every time the tank gets warm and turns off after it’s cooled enough to prevent unnecessary evaporation.

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