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WTT/WTS Unique Jawbreaker Shroom

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As per topic, kindly WhatsApp 92971884 with pics of what you’re keen on trading for. Photos are non edited. Viewing can be arranged. Location 579727.

Looking for Frankie Bounce and/or any other interesting Shrooms. Any other unique/rare specimens of all sorts are also welcome! 

Polyp Size is roughly 2cm*

Side View


Top View727A97A5-FE06-4D5A-8897-75B3D46AA681.jpeg.17129de13735ca0bd0e79b9c7c88190a.jpeg


Photo of Mama Shroom for reference :) 56C0D1B8-5095-4B95-8587-2799ADCE2D80.jpeg.d559037a5bac932a9f36716f7cad63c8.jpeg



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