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Fan Worms

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Are all these fan worms?


It started from about 5 to 6 pieces on one rock to i think over 30 now over several pieces of rocks.

Is it ok for them to just continue to grow on their own? Will they become like pest by outgrowing other organisms in the tank? 


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As others have mentioned, feather worms are generally beneficial. But if they grow to pest levels, one option is to introduce bubble bee snails to control the numbers.

Do note that bumble bee snails are predatory in nature and may eat other snails if its able to get to it.


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Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I have not only learnt about the feather dusters but have also learnt that Bumble Bee snail is predatory.

I used to have 2 of them but they probably have died as I don't see them around any more. 

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