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Protein skimmer


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Pretty much haha

Bubble Magus is the default cheap and reliable one IMO.

Deltec is the classic, also very good.

Nyos is just overpriced, cool design though.

Also got reef octopus, tunze, and some other brands. Different people will say different things one, their mileage may vary after all.

I think what's more important is to get it from a reputable seller that will actually help you if the skimmer runs into issues.

You can get the best skimmer, but quality control can occasionally miss a faulty unit.

When that happens, I'm sure you want a seller that actually helps you out instead of leaving you in the cold.









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Most of the modern skimmers are well designed with appropriate pump to skim effectively. 

The choice of skimmer boils down to the size of the reaction chamber.  The larger the skimmer chamber is,  the better it's gonna be at skimming. 

There are also numerous quality of life features from different brands.  However, the skimmer chamber dimension,which have a big impact on contact time of air and water,  is still the key. 

1 hour ago, PulposTriste said:

You can get the best skimmer, but quality control can occasionally miss a faulty unit.

This is very true,  being able to find replacement parts easily, is very important. 

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If I'm not mistaken, you're using a 10 gallon tank now right? 

For tanks 10 Gal and below, no need to get skimmer IMO. Your weekly water change is already at least like 50% already, that alone will pull more nutrients from the water then your tiny skimmer. (Assuming you use the standard large 20l plastic pail) 

Just don't overstock (if you want also can, but you get ready change water every 3 days like haha, macam discus tank at this point)

You want try? Also can, but cheap Chinese venturi skimmers normally have microbubble one, some people will think it's irritating.

Also can try the limewood diffuser (airstone) skimmer, they work well for small tanks. Saw a bunch of Japanese nanos using them.


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