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WTS Tank set

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Display tank: 3-sided crystal glass, 6mm thickness, 30 x 15 x 12". Black oyama pasted at the back glass with overflow. Tank maker: CR Aquarium. 

Sump tank: front clear glass, the rest blue tinted glass. 6mm thickness, 24 x 18 x 16". Sump tank maker: Aquarium Artist 

Comes with Eshopps overflow S and red PVC pipings

Maxspect Razor lighting

Selling @ $300. FOC IKEA shelf. Note: it can definitely hold the weight of the tank when it is filled. Just need to waterproof it with laquer. (Skimmer, chiller & return pump not included.) 







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1 hour ago, winston.jazzi said:

Visited this nice and decent tank, as good as new. Didn't observe any scratches on DT. Neat silicon finish done by CRA as usual. A pity that I don't have the ack for a frag tank for now. Pleasant seller !!!!!

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Thank you for your kind words. Very nice meeting you too. 

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