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Decomm sale - corals then fish then all else


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Relocation sale so need to decomm my tank. Stable parameters and been with me for a year and half. Interested parties for the entire set up welcome as well. Self collect in river Valley Great world
A - green plate coral large 4.5" across. Very hardy 80
Beautiful Rainbow plate coral multicolor 1.5" 110
B - hellfire torch coral single head 120
D- high grade prata 300 (bought at 420)
E - some sort of green Monti bought from seasonal aquarium at 50. Selling 40
F - normal green hammer 2 heads 80
G - blue hammer 1 head 40
H - watermelon favia 35
J - blackbase and yellow Yuma. Seldom seen. 70
I - orang Yuma many big ones 80. Same as pic O 80 also. At least 5 on them
L scolly multi colour - 280
M - soft leather coral - 20
Q 24k leptoseris - 35
R orange acan - 2 heads 50
P - green Yuma many heads 80
K - rock with plenty of pulsing xenia - 50
Would put for sale later for my tank (im20), cabinet, pumps, wave maker, chiller (teco tk150), lights (radion g5), skimmer, etc when these are cleared.
I have a nano tank 30x30x30 (crystal on front) $50 and kessil a80 tuna blue $150

IMG_0794.JPG.586f59759335f4dd1c70ac2e308ab24f.JPGperfect condition for Sale. Didn't use much before I switch tanks.
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Update.. Left

24k lepto - 35
Acan frag (3 heads now) - 40
Prata - 250
Hellfire torch - 100
Yumas ( green group orange group and single special blackbased Yuma) - 50 for each
2 head Hammer (normal with green head and blue body) - 60
Scolly multicolor- 150 (slightly receeding but nothing to worry as I'm beginning to feed again) full colour and shape still.
Green Monti - 40

Chiller teco 150 - 450 bought new
Radion xr15 g5 - 380
A80 tuna - 120

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