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WTS 3FT Complete System

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Hi, I'm decomming this Custom 3 feet front and side crystal-glass system made by CRA as I need to make room.

Used to be a Mixed reef-Macroalgae tank.

Most of the inhabitants have been moved out/sold, with some remaining for the time being.

Some corals will also come with the tank as its stuck to the rock work.


Complete and mature system, pretty much ready to go.

Just need to clean up the overgrown algae and macro as I kinda neglected it for the few months I took to move the livestock out. But otherwise the remaining SPS inside still healthy and growing.

No chiller as I keep it inside Aircon room. 

Key Equipment includes:

2x Noopsyche K7 pro II + controller

2x Maxspect Gyre Wavemaker + controller 

Bubble Magus Curve 3 Elite 

Nyos Torq 2.0

2x Sicce Syncra pumps 

Flipper magnet

Tunze ATO 

Media Cups 

Jebao doser (pretty much barely used, with spare roller)


Also have lots and lots of siporax, honestly overkill, if you're looking to buy mature media can DM me for a 2L bag. 


If you're interested or have questions, feel free to DM me, the total system price was around 10k excluding lifestock. I'm willing to negotiate anything between 5-6k, or honestly any reasonable offer you can make. 


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