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I have a bunch of equipment about 5 years old. Wondering if I can:


1. Reuse bucket of reef salt? I understand the particles can settle. Can this be re-mixed up? It's quite solid salt now.

2. Reuse old test kits? I know they have exp. dates. Does that make them completely unreliable after expiry?

3. Live rock? I assume this is now dead, but can it be repopulated?

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1. Old salt:  Maybe if you like to live dangerously hahaha.  Salt itself doesn't 'expire' however it can absorb other elements.  So I guess it's a question of how well it was stored. However if there are no corals or anything in tank, it maybe ok to start with. If all solid... hmmm I personally wouldn't risk it.

2. Old Test Kits. No cannot reuse.  Reagents can evaporate changing concentration or absorb other elements.. for example the ph can be altered by addition absorbtion of co2 overtime.

3. Old Rocks. Yep certainly can.  Just add in some live bacteria, or cycle as per normal.  Suggest you clean with RODI first to remove any dead organics.

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