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Hi everyone! This my first post to kick start even though I've been a member for awhile now.


So I've been struggling with high nitrate levels since the beginning of my reefing journey as I'm quite lazy for water changes and have always kept LPS and softies. But recently my school of fishes died after i cleaned out my sump which has sand bed and all sorts. After which i decided to go for more SPS corals since i got only 1 fish left (blue tang).


My tank is 4 x 2 x 2.5ft so rescaping has been a pain but I'm always happy with how my fishes can swim freely. After 3 round of 30% water change using Redsea Coral Pro Salt. My nitrate is still between 25-50ppm as I'm using Salifert test kit.


I read about use of the Brightwell block to cultivate and my bacteria but seems like its always out of stock. So i decided to try Brightwell NO3 cubes instead. I just got my hands on them today, will start it's soaking tonight and put them in tomorrow. Let hope for the best.


Do let me know if you guys have used this product before and any tips and tricks you have. Appreciate it alot


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