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Torch Coral Dying?


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Hi Guys,

New member here. I recently did a tank move from a smaller tank to a larger 2ft tank and my torch coral hasnt been the same ever since. Ive already tried iodine dipping in Seachem ReefDip. I also flushed out the inside of the coral with some tank water using a turkey baster and saw some brown stuff wash out. Is it the dreaded BJD? Is my coral going to live?

Salinity: 1.025

Temp: 26

Alk: 11.5

Cal: 450ppm

Mag: 1320

Ammonia: 0.50

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

P.S: Yes im aware that theres some ammonia but ive used the mature media and sand from the previous cycled tank and im dosing nite out 2 as well so im expecting the ammonia to drop soon tho do let me know if ammonia can affect torches like this


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It's a goner for sure. Sorry for the loss. Alot of organisms are pretty affected by ammonia, even trace amount could do damage. So have to make sure the water params are in place before moving anything over.. 

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While its good to explore and learn what may affect a coral health so we can adjust for the better, sometime euphyllia will still die when all parameters are stable.

Perhaps this time could be ammonia. Or maybe at times it could be the alkalinity swing within a week... Diff reason or even no reason. Cheers. Time to get another piece

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