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Tabling acro and blue dragon

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I like to share my hardy tabling acro & blue dragon journey here.


So far since I started this reefing journey, i tried many types of SPS and always failed. I guess partly due to my tank water parameters which I don't take care cause i like to feed my fish so much. Hahaha..


But i came across a tabling acro which i bought from S5 which had survived my tank crash and high nitrate and phosphate condition. I also got a blue dragon from a nice reefer for FOC which he also mentioned is damn hardy and survived his tank crash. So far this 2 SPS have been in my tank the longest.


Recently my tank crashed (last month) and all my fish died. So i decided to go with my guts and keep only 2 fish and control my feeding pattern so that i keep SPS. Surprisingly, after my tank parameters improved, my blue dragon showed growth rate I've never seen before. My tabling acro also shows polyp extension well. Hopefully if all goes well, they'll grow into large colonies! .pending-1624711985-20210609_111732~2.jpeg


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Hello neighbor. Looks good!!

@ Larry, i think the blue dragon is the one behind/left of the tabling acro.

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