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Why choose Smart Aquarium Devices?

Willy Reefing

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Why choose smart aquarium devices?
The Smart Reef System looks after your safety, informs you about various events taking place in your aquariums and automated numerous aspects of an aquarist’s work. Gain full control over your marine aquarium from any place in the world via a web browser or a mobile application.
So why Reef Factory?
All devices operating within the system are equipped with a Wi-Fi module and connect to the system directly.
The systems allows you to add multiple devices. Having them all in one place, you can manage them easily and intuitively.
Display all devices on the dashboard and preview the data stored in each device panel.
There’s more features such as Aquarium management calendar and text and push alert.

Satisfactory? Go for Reef Factory!


Below are some of the Reef Factory products.
Dosing Pump
Dosing Pump - a modern dosing pump remotely controlled by the Smart reef system.
What distinguishes the Dosing Pump dispenser from Reef Factory is the quality of workmanship and modern technology combined with proven reliable dosing pump technology.
KH Keeper
The KH keeper is a stand alone KH monitor that tests water samples directly from your aquarium to test the Alkalinity.
Reef Flare
Reef flare is a series of modern LED lamps. They were designed specifically to highlight the natural colour of corals and to provide them with nutrition in the form of high quality light. They are equipped with LEDs manufactured by Cree - one of the market leaders. The colour of the light, lenses and lamp power make it possible to maintain even the most demanding corals.
Level Sensor
A device that monitors the water/liquid level and sends alerts in the event of any irregularity.
Thermo Control
A device that monitors the temperature in your tank and controls the heating and cooling systems.
For more products we carries, visit www.SS9.sg!
If you're a LFS that wish to sell this brand, contact us via messenger or
c.s@ss9.sg .

Reef smart, choose Smart Reef


Our dealers in Singapore are.
Suprem5 Corals
Jurong East Street 13, #01-402 Block 114, Singapore 600114
Contact: +65 8845 5555
Suprem7 Corals
2 JALAN LOKAM #01-15
Contact: +65 8753 2577
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