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What makes many aquariums so nice and healthy?

Willy Reefing

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What makes many aquariums so nice and healthy?
One of the answers is the use of supplements of absolute quality. Water chemistry is assuming more and more important to achieve the stunning results that we see in many aquariums all over the world. Oceanlife, We design our supplements with the intent to use only extra pure raw material and to introduce no unwanted or polluting elements. This is a key factor in a closed system. Our supplements are moreover directly produced inside our facility so that we have every single step under our direct control. The result is a tested, safe and simple to use a line of products with no other on the market, that can be used by beginners and experts, using some of them or the entire line to achieve optimal results.
Replenishing the essentials
Calcium, carbonates, and magnesium and the most important elements of a marine tank. Adjusting them with the best products has primary importance to not alter the delicate equilibrium that we reached. The secret of these products is the simplicity of their formulation. No pollutants and no unwanted elements would alter the ionic balance.
Vital elements (Sr,B,K)
Just after the essentials, these elements are the most abundant in seawater and should be kept at the right values. Separate elements allow for more accurate dosing, avoiding overdosages and mistakes. If the right amount of these elements is present, corals will appear more healthy and colorful, allowing for the basic processes of coral coloration. The first step for stunning results.
Micro Elements (I,F,Fe)
Micro elements are very important for the health and the coloration of corals. They are involved in many biological processes and are indispensable for many vital chemical reactions. These very pure supplements are the best way to replenish those important elements and be sure to give corals all they need.
Thanks to our automated system for calculations, the replenishment task is really simple and our customers can use it for every supplement. This system is error-free and you will enjoy your aquarium with no need for complicated calculations.
To read more on Oceanlife, visit https://oceanlife.it/index.php/en/
If you're a Singapore LFS that wish to sell this brand, contact us via messenger /
All Asia region feel free to contact us too!
Our dealers in Singapore are,
Suprem5 Corals
Jurong East Street 13, #01-402 Block 114, Singapore 600114
Contact: +65 8845 5555
Suprem7 Corals
2 JALAN LOKAM #01-15
Contact: +65 8753 2577
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