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Nano Tank Decom (Full Set)

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Hello Everyone,


I am planning to decom my office Nano tank, hoping to sell it off as a full set. I am letting this go for 400 dollars, and I will provide delivery of the whole tank and livestock at my convenience (most likely night time) as my office is inaccessible.


Do drop me a message for more info.

Contact: 96279316


Set consists of..


1. Crystal Glass Tank (60×30x36 - L×W×H) (6mm thick) (blue background)

2. Dymax Spacex Reef Light

3. HOB Filter - Seachem Tidal 35 (w/ 100g purigen bag - 1 mth old, Matrix included)

4. Oceanfree Surfclear - surface skimmer

5. Jebao SOW-4 Wavemaker

6. Egg crate with 6 Acrylic cover support (Used as cover to prevent fish from jumping out)

7. Nano Flipper magnet glass cleaner (1 new replacement blade left)



1. 2x Normal Ocellaris Clownfish pair (1x dark orange and 1x light orange) (~1.5 - 2 inch)

2. 2x Bangai Cardinal (~2 inch)

3. 1x Six Line Wrasse (~2 inch)

4. 1x Lawnmower/Algae Blenny (~2 inch) (very fat)

5. 2x Emerald Crab (1 male, 1 female) (~1 - 2 inch)

6. 1x Tiger Sand Conch (2 inch)

7. 4x Nassarius Snails (~1 inch)

8. 2x Scarlet Hermit Crab (1 baby, 1 normal)

9. 1x Blue-Legged Hermit Crab (normal)

10. 3x Trochus Snail (normal)

11. Cleaner Skunk Shrimp (~1.5 inch)

12. Red Bubble Tip Anemone (~6 inch+ opened up)

13. Small Red Bubble Tip Anemone (~2 inch) (colour lighter than usual red, abit pinkish)



1. Two patch of Green Star Polyp (GSP) (1x isolated rock, 1x main rock)

2. Fire and Ice Zoa (~10+ polyps on 1 inch frag plug) (Glued to rock)

3. Unknown Green Skirt, Orange center Zoa (~15+ polyps) (Growing on isolated rock with GSP)

4. Fairy Dust Zoa (~20+ polyps) (on isolated rock)

5. Pulsing Xenia (Grown quite big on isolated rock)

6. Ultra Tri Colour Orange grade Acan (~2.5 inch) (from Iwarna)

7. Golden Hammer (2 heads, each splitting to two) (sign of baby hammer at the bottom of flesh)

8. Pink tip Green base Torch (2 heads)

9. Green tip Black base Torch (1 head)

10. Radioactive Birdnest (~2 inch around) (from Iwarna)

11. Yellow Millipora SPS (~1 inch, encrusted on frag plug) (from Iwarna)

12. Aussie Acro (~1 inch, encrusted on frag plug) (from Iwarna)

13. Blue Digitata (~1 inch)


Thank you for reading this wall of text.20210715_164620.jpg


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Additonal info:
Rocks have some macro algae growing on them
- Codium species (aka Dead Man Finger)
- Caulerpa Racemosa (aka Oval Sea Grapes)
- some Purple/Maroon leaf like algae
- some Bryopsis (emerald crab seen eating some)
- some Bubble algae (tried to remove but came back, emerald didn't touch the bigger ones)
- some variety of sponges

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