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3 Benefits of Smart Reef

Willy Reefing

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Photo Courtesy from Suprem5 Corals
The 3 Main Benefits of Smart Reef. Reef Factory
•Automatic- Makes your work easier by automating numerous tasks related to marine aquarium management.
•Information: About various aspects related to the operation of your aquarium. Gives access to information about the events
taking place in your aquarium and sends a notification if any of the controlled parameters change in an alarming manner.
•Safety: Safeguard your marine aquarium by sending you alerts in the vent of potentially dangerous situations- for instance, if the temperature in your aquarium exceeds the specified limits.
All Reef Factory devices are equipped with Wi-Fi modules and connect to the system directly. What’s better than using one phone to control everything. Anything goes wrong, an SMS/email alert will be sent to you. Reefing with peace of mind.
Convenient, beneficial, and eye-pleasing.
If you're an LFS located in Asia that wish to sell this brand, contact us via messenger or
Reef smart, choose Smart Reef!
Our dealers in Singapore are.
Suprem5 Corals
Jurong East Street 13, #01-402 Block 114, Singapore 600114
Contact: +65 8845 5555
Suprem7 Corals
2 JALAN LOKAM #01-15
Contact: +65 8753 2577
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