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Clearing Coral


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Hi guys , I will be clearing my all my sps. Some of the corals lose their color due to neglect but all healthy with good polyp extensions. Selling all of them at a lost. Collection will be at Bukit batok. I can get pics but I can't get a good picture with the same IRL colors. Best to come and view to avoid any misunderstanding. FCFS basis. Reservation requires payment. Thank you. 


Purple tip acro - $60
Lime in the sky - $20
Turquoise blue tenuis -$60
Pink acro - $30 each
Yellow tenuis - $40/$20
Blue dragon - $30
Green base red polyp - $40 up
Pink corallite tenuis - $20 

copper/brown Millie, green polyp -$30


Frags/Multi Branch/Mini Colony
Pink stylo - $20
Pink BN  - $15
Banana Lokani - $30
Purple Valida - $10
Pearl berry - $10
Melaficent - $15
Sentosa - $10


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Hi all, most of the corals sold. I will update again here on what's left. Received overwhelming messages and apologise for not being able to reply to all. 

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I'm left with the following. Pardon the poor camera image. Not getting the exact color I'm seeing due to using cheap camera phone. Better price will be given if take all. IMG_20210811_120652.jpg.7488770bf52156e5d6eb9f8a83cacf71.jpgIMG_20210811_120533.jpg.e4e74111c3daf7e65af414cdb7a8846c.jpgIMG_20210811_120201.jpg.e8e92caf5aea1753a1f63d3c99ce4284.jpg


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