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Daily water change


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This method of water change has been discussed on several sites. The main idea was to do away with back-breaking routine water changes. It was also to promote stability of water condition as it’s doing frequent small water changes instead of single large water change. And it’s all done Automatically by using the Dosing Pump.

My reservations on this method are (i) what if there is a mismatch of input and output? Over period of time, would it crash the tank or cause an overflow? (ii) Lifetime of Dosing Pump will be shortened, meaning increase cost of operation. Lastly (iii), even if Dosing Pump had replaced 10% volume of water over a period of time, but actually it is not equal to 10% water change, because you are actually removing old and new water everytime it pumps out.

Above just my personal view.

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Thank you all reefers for ur comments and great advise..I believe this is a good topic to relate on as most of us are curious on how water changes need to be done and stability is the key. Appreciate on the sharing!

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