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Red Sea’s NEW slide-out Control Panel

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Dear Reefer,
Are you struggling to find a good spot for your doser?
Is it getting tricky to keep track of all your controllers?

No worries, Red Sea’s new slide-out Control Panel helps you get the most out of your cabinet space by placing your equipment in one easily accessible place!
The control panel is designed to fit either side of your sump cabinet, and is made of marine-spec laminated plywood with quick-release stainless steel soft-close sliders, allowing for easy mounting and access to all your equipment.
The control panel is available in two sizes:

Control Panel 25: 25x45cm, 2cm thick – fits all REEFER tanks.
Control Panel 60: 60x50cm, 2cm thick – fits REEFER XL tanks and above.

Check it out:







Cabinet slide-out
control Panel - 25

(2cm thick)

fits all REEFER tanks

Cabinet slide-out
control panel - 60

(2cm thick)

fits REEFER XL tanks and above

For the full specs, visit our product page.

Happy Reefkeeping,
The Red Sea Team

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