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Tropic Marin[emoji2400] PRO-REEF sea salt


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Tropic Marin PRO-REEF sea salt has been designed to meet the special requirements of reef aquariums with optimized concentrations of calcium and magnesium, which promote the growth of corals. The lower buffering and the correct pH value serve to stabilize the natural water values, and particularly, the hardness of carbonates, even with the use of calcium reactors. Natural and stable conditions for delicate marine life are achieved only by accurately balancing all influencing factors. With Tropic Marin PRO-REEF you can maintain the alkalinity in a 7-8° dKH range. Benefits • Designed to meet the special requirements of modern reef aquaria with higher calcium requirements. • Optimizes calcium- and magnesium concentrations as well as alkalinity and pH. • Especially suitable by the use of calcium reactors or mineral additives. • To maintain the alkalinity in a 7-8° dKH range. • Fast and complete solubility in water. • Free from nitrates, phosphates and other unwanted chemicals. • Manufactured from pure, pharmaceutical grade salts. • Ideal foundation for the care and growth of fish, corals and other aquatic invertebrates in modern reef aquariums. Ingredients - Major Elements: Calcium; Chlorine; Magnesium; Potassium; Sodium; Sulfur. Trace Elements: Aluminium; Antimony; Arsenic; Barium; Beryllium; Bismuth; Boron; Bromine; Cadmium; Caesium; Carbon; Cerium; Chromium; Cobalt; Copper; Dysprosium; Erbium; Europium; Fluorine; Gadolinium; Gallium; Germanium; Gold; Hafnium; Holmium; Indium; Iodine; Iridium; Iron; Lanthanum; Lead; Lithium; Lutetium; Manganese; Mercury; Molybdenum; Neodymium; Nickel; Niobium; Nitrogen; Osmium; Palladium; Platinum; Praseodymium; Rhenium; Rhodium; Rubidium; Ruthenium; Samarium; Scandium; Selenium; Silicon; Silver; Strontium; Tantalum; Tellurium; Terbium; Thallium; Thorium; Thulium; Tin; Titanium; Tungsten; Vanadium; Ytterbium; Yttrium; Zinc; Zirconium.





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