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DipX - Red Sea's NEW Coral Dip

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Everyone loves adding a new coral to their reef aquarium, but no one loves unwelcome “hitchhikers”, which are often invisible to the naked eye and can spread to other corals. So how do we prevent that from happening?

Meet DipX.

DipX is Red Sea’s new, highly effective solution for safe introduction of new corals and live rocks to your aquarium. Simply dip your new coral in a DipX bath for 15 minutes and watch as tiny “hitchhikers” including Acropora-eating flatworms, Montipora-eating Nudibranchs and Acropora Red Bugs are driven away.

Check it out:
DipX is made of a specific blend of 3 essential oils, without inorganic disinfectants.

Based on our long-term testing, it is the safest, most effective dip available for SPS, LPS, Soft corals, Zoanthids, mushroom anemones and live rocks.
Package size Dipping solution generated Number of baths
(1 Liter per bath)
100ml 10 Liters Approx. 10
250ml 25 Liters Approx. 25
500ml 50 Liters Approx. 50
5L 500 Liters Approx. 500

For specific testing details, as well as evaluations from selected retailers during the development process, see our product page.

Happy Reefkeeping,
The Red Sea Team

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