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Nov givaway!


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Nov Giveaway is here.


Comment with a pic of your tank (FACEBOOK) and share with us what you like most and why.


The most inspirational story wins a set of

AE Dosing Proble Holder and AE 2L Duo Dosing container

(Stories will be voted based on RMS Team)


Entries starts 26/11/2021 and ends on 28/11/2021 2359Hrs.


Winner will be annouced on 5/12/21


Rem to like and share our page #reefmarketsg


***Please Read***


- Only pics and stories commented under this facebook post is eligible.

- Not eligible for personnels associated with any aquariums.

- Only for local Another forum.

- One entry per reefer.

- Offline Votes by RMS Team. Please enter only if comfortable.

- We rms will make the final appropriate decision in case of any disputes.


#rms #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral #allmymoneygoestofishPolish_20211126_155705074.jpg


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