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FS: Wave makers and IM fish tank


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1.  Ecotech Vortech MP10QD (non wireless version)
- Selling @ $260
- 6 mths old


2.  Jebao SLW-20 Wavemaker
- Selling @ $60
- 5 mths old


3.  Red Sea Reefwave 45
- Selling @ $250
- close to 2 years old


4.  Innonative Marine IM Fusion Nano 20 (20 Gallon fish tank)

- tank only with some spray nozzles
- used as QT; many scratches, not for fussy buyers 

- Selling @ $60

Collect in Woodlands.

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PMed you in the MP10

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Tank and Equipments Used:-

Tank Size: 3x1.5x2

Return Pump: Eheim 1260

Lighting: DE 36 Inch T5 Retrofit 6 x 39 Watts | 5 ATI Blue Plus & 1 ATI Special Blue.

Wavemaker: 1x WP-40 | 1x SUNSUN 5000ltr/hr


Skimz ideas FR: Running ROWAPHOS (FEEDER PUMP: RESUN 1000)

Enductor FR: Running NP Biopellet (FEEDER PUMP: AQUABEE 1000)

Chaeto in sump

~ Watching my tank matures and progressing day by day , gives me great satisfactory


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