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Live Phyto Available!!


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Hey Fellow Reefers.. I have a new batch of LIVE Phytoplankton ready for harvest tomorrow.
Limited quantities available as pre-orders have been fulfilled. Please DM me to give me your orders.


Phytoplankton is a fantastic addition to your reef tank as a basic food source for the micro-organisms (rotifers, copepods and other zooplankton) that lives within your marine eco-system. In addition, this is also commonly consumed by larger animals such as fish, soft corals and clams. 

Dosing Phyto will not drive up your nutrient levels. In some cases, it actually helps manage levels by consuming access Nitrates. 

Dosage recommendation: 10ml per 100l of water
Phyto Strain: Tetraselmis
Storage: 1 month refrigerated

350ml bottle for $6
500ml bottle for $8

Collection at Holland Road, or +$5 for islandwide delivery

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