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Jack 123456

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Hi reefers, starting a new thread to document my new nano reef. 

It is an aqua-one 90L tank. Goal is to be simple. Going to be acro dominated with an assortment of zoas, chalice and other encrusting corals along the bottom. Ive kept it bare bottom as I want to have a crazy amount of flow through the system. 

This setup is in Melbourne Australia, at an LFS which I work at. 

Equipment list:

1.Real reef rock branching

2.Nero 3 x 2

3. Hyrda 52

4. BM 3.5 skimmer

5. Mantis Bio blocks. 

Future fish list:

-Platinum Clown pair 

-Convict Small S

-Flame hawk S

-Baby golden head anthias x3

-Blue tail pipe fish


Tank is filled with saltwater and have added Dr tims one and only bacteria to cycle so will give it a few weeks to settle: 






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