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WTS - Kessil A80, Nano tank, Cupramine & Copper Test

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WTS - Following items:


- Kessel A80 (with mini gooseneck), good condition & working perfectly -- $110


- 1 feet cube NUVO nano tank with NUVO nano 8 pump and top tank cover. Customized rear styrofoam removed. Can be re-attached -- $40


- Seachem Cupramine, relatively new, 80% full (Buffered Active Copper) -- $15


- API Copper test kit, balance approx 80 test -- $12


Collect at Pasir Ris. PM if keen. Thksc25af2c1b9aa29371e3e05a7e1587a93.jpg2783d4b613022eb570c5bfbe1646403d.jpg6443579d64e2c31a55aeb218fa099b82.jpgcdbd2f9aa2cb9dd4ac6d393d9ed7dea2.jpg6e51043e2f74c7e797302e7daaf3feda.jpg214e572f66e95c7b045ff08676e553ed.jpge46d39eb3d4ce70726ff2532b45b343f.jpg


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