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WTS all Fishes. Decommissioning tank

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Decommissioning my mature 5 year old, 3 foot reef tank. Disease and Ich free as I have not added any new livestock for last 2 years.  No copper used and I still have some coral growing inside. All fishes are stable, super healthy and trained to eat pellet, mysis etc.

  1. yellow tang $450. Medium size. almost 4”. Kept 4 years. perfect specimen. 
  2. Blue regal Tang $70 4”. Kept 4 years. 
  3. Powder brown tang $70 4-4.5”. Kept 2 years. Absolutely Ich free.
  4. False double saddleback butterfly chaetodon falcula $30 3.5”
  5. Common clown x2 $10 for both. 
  6. Bicolor Angel $15 2.5”
  7. Juvenile Koran Angel $25 2.5”
  8. Juvenile Dragon wrasse $25 3.5”
  9. Bicolor blenny $15 3.5”. Mature tank needed. Eats only brown algae. 
  10. Sea cucumber burnt hotdog Large  $40. 7-10” Mature tank needed. Feeds off stuff in my sand bed. Kept 4 years.

Will sell tank etc after fishes are sold. 

Collect at 436606. WhatsApp at 9139812Five. Thanks for viewing.




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Follow already sold. rest still available. 
1. koran

2. Bicolor angel

3 powder brown tang

4 blue tang

5 saddleback butterfly

6 bicolor blenny  


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This is the list of fishes that are still available. 

1. Yellow Tang

2. Juvenile dragon wrasse

3. bicolor blenny

The rest have been sold. Thanks for looking! 

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Yellow Tang -  Price reduced to $350.  Really great bargain for such a large and beautiful specimen. Very stable and good tank citizen. 

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