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Selling Brand New full set TANK, SUMP, CABINET


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Brand New tank, not even touched. I'm selling because I install another tank 2 weeks ago, while my wife wanted to surprise me with this New tank.

Tank is 90×60×40 cm. The tank , the sump, the cabinet and the Skimmer are Brand new.

As a set, im selling of the second hand maxspect light, and the chiller. The piping work is not done yet as it has just been delivered to my house.


Great opportunity if you are looking at getting into the hobby or upgrading your equipment.


Look at the detailed pictures for more info.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT MUST GO AS A SET !!!!!!!!!!!!!96daf01d94c40a962fa25cbabbe769dc.jpg513fe075c8df1f7861897aa264f4f89a.jpg20220326_212428.jpg20220326_212422.jpg20220326_212251.jpg20220326_212229.jpg20220326_212221.jpg20220326_212011.jpg20220326_212011.jpg20220326_212001.jpg20220326_211941.jpg20220326_211933.jpg20220326_211921.jpg


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