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Wts corals (mostly $10-$30 only)

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Galaxy gold lobo- $70 

Yellow and green gonio- $60

Pink pulsing xenia frag- $10

Lime Green Monti- $10

Sunburst Monti red with yellow polyp- $20

Purple Monti with lumi green polyp- $20

Yellow dino spongodes colony- $20

Yellow dino frag- $10

Bubble gum digitata- $10

Lumi green gsp - $10/ $20

Red Nuclear death paly (10-15pp)- $30

Rainbow infusion zoas (5-6pp)- $30

Sunflower zoas (10-15pp)- $30

Hawaiian ding dang zoas (10pp)- $30

Gatorade zoas (4pp)- $20

no id paly- $10

Green mushroom with yellow skirting and blue hues (2 heads and 1 baby)- $30

Telegram me @caulifloweric for pics and deal. Collection at kembangan

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Price reduced to clear

Galaxia gold dust lobo- 60

Green mushrooms with yellow skirting and blue hues (2heads)- 30

pink pulsing xenia frag- 10

lime green monti- 10

sunburst monti- 20

purple monti green polyp- 10

yellow dino spongodes colony- 20

yellow dino frag- 10

pink salmon digitata- 10

bubbblegum digitata- 10

Lumi green gsp frag- 10

lumj green gsp colony- 20

gatorade zoas (4pp)- 20

red nuclear death paly (10-15pp)-20

rainbow infusion zoas (10pp)-25

sunflower zoas(10-15pp)-25

Hawaiian ding dang zoas (10-15pp)- 25

No id paly- $10




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